“Good” Muslims versus” Bad” Muslims

“Good” Muslims versus” Bad” Muslims
Dear Friends of the Reformation Online,
Glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Hope you all had a GREAT Resurrection Day on April 28.
Only the uncompromising message of the Resurrection of Christ can defeat the Vatican and Islam.
I have updated the url on “Good” Muslims and “Bad” Muslims.
It seems that this Saudi conspiracy began 2 centuries ago—before the U.S. even came into existence.
The Saudi religious police arrest anybody who breaks the rules in that FEUDAL state.
However, they should arrest Caliph Abdullah-the Pope of Islam-because he has billions invested in the IMF and the World Bank. Both of those institutions practice USURY on a worldwide scale. Of course they could say that it is all paper and not real money at all!!
Will Allah buy that excuse?
Please help spread this info as wide as possible because the conspiracy is STRONG (II Samuel 15:12).
Much love in Jesus,
Niall Kilkenny


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