The genesis of an extraordinary idea

I am not ashamed began with a simple conversation and prayerful consideration of what message America needs to hear most right now. We knew we wanted a message that would focus on the Word of God. A powerful message that would resonate in the hearts of believers and challenge people everywhere to think about God. We also wanted a message that would offer a clear call to Christians around the world to stand unashamedly and uncompromisingly on the Bible.

Beyond this and of great importance to us, the message needed to address and have a measurable impact on present day issues, such as homosexuality, marriage, abortion and creation vs. evolution. And it needed to point to a source (God’s Word) and a place (AiG) where people could find answers.

We began by asking questions. First of ourselves, and then to people who understood our heart. What if we stepped aside altogether and allowed the Bible to speak for itself? Could we take the Scriptures at face value and without adding or subtracting anything on our own merit, present verses, quote Scripture, reveal God’s Word, uplift the Bible and direct attention back to the Bible – all on a national level – while claiming His promise that His Word “will not return void”? Would it be possible for I am not ashamed to act as a catalyst – to stir up a revival across this nation solely using Scripture as our message?

Clearly we needed to step aside. But what would be our anchor, our “clear call” that would spark the campaign, create an interest and cause a response? “I am not ashamed,” a challenge given by Paul to Timothy in 2 Timothy 1:8, became the rallying cry. And with this as our focus, the campaign was established.

Today it has evolved into a full-fledged campaign that will encompass all areas of social media, including facebook, twitter, the blogsphere and YouTube?: the internet with the development of iamnotashamed.org; and almost every type of media, including print, newspaper, billboards and TV. Originating from this campaign is the idea of an “online video Bible,” where people are invited to videotape themselves quoting or reading Scripture verses and send it in as a way of personally participating in the campaign.

Because of its broad scope and its careful design to touch people’s lives on many different levels, we believe the I am not ashamed campaign will yield a powerful and eternal return on investment. We believe people will hear the gospel message and lives will be changed, families will be made whole, eyes will be opened to the truth, men and women will find biblical answers, Bibles will be dusted off and opened and read, and America will be impacted in a significant way.

You can bring the IANA campaign to life in your own neighborhood by sponsoring a billboard, magazine or newspaper ad locally or nationally. Browse these ads to see what’s available.

We make it easy for you to get involved by handling everything from design, media placement, production and shipping. Media costs vary dramatically across the nation, contact a Media Specialist at media@iamnotashamed.org for exact pricing in your area.

Challenge your community with the truth of God’s word! To make a general contribution to the IANA campaign, click here.


I am not ashamed

I am not ashamed. Think about who these words were written by, and the time period when they were written. I think of the apostle Paul and his many shipwrecks; his being thrown in prison and being persecuted and left for dead. Yet Paul wrote most of the New Testament. Paul gave the church its foundation by writing the epistles. Also included in the epistles are challenges and exhortations to believers on how to live like Christ, forsake the world and strive for eternal treasures. Paul faced peril, yet remained true to the cause of Christ. Today, in America, we know little of what Paul endured, and more often than not, we are ashamed to proclaim the name of Christ. The ridicule of a friend or stranger or the fear of rejection is often enough to make us ashamed. Paul wasn’t ashamed. He left us an example of a life lived for Christ. While imprisoned, he sang about and proclaimed his Savior. He never lost sight of his eternal home. On every missionary journey and within city after city, Paul preached the gospel and proclaimed the name of Christ. Paul was not ashamed. Why are we?



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