If the Vilna Gaon was right, the 3rd Temple is on its way [Excerpts]

If the 18th-century rabbinic authority the Vilna Gaon was right, on March 16, 2010, construction will begin on the third Temple. His projection states that the auspicious day will coincide with the third completion of the Hurva Synagogue in Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter.
The great day is at hand: On March 15, the reconstructed Hurva Synagogue, considered the most important house of prayer in Jerusalem will be rededicated. It was last destroyed in the War of Independence.
However, during the reconstruction process, the Hurva has become a bone of contention between ultra-Orthodox and other Jerusalemites.
The conflict is over what kind of institution the Hurva will be. A group of secular and national-religious Jerusalemites say that if the state does not act quickly, the Hurva will become another ultra-Orthodox synagogue, where women and tourists are unwelcome.
“The government has invested millions in the restoration of the synagogue. It is a place of special value to tourists. The Jewish Quarter has dozens of synagogues and it doesn’t need another one,” said Tehila Nahlon, an activist.
The debate reflects wider issues of identity facing the Jewish Quarter, which has become increasingly ultra-Orthodox in recent years.
[TBC: In the September 1991 issue of the newsletter, Dave wrote: “While it will no doubt involve arduous, perilous and lengthy negotiations, Israel seems to be moving toward that “peace” pact with its Arab neighbors of which Scripture warns. This false peace that will ensure the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem will ultimately be guaranteed by Antichrist: “ye receive me not, [but] him ye will receive” (Jn 5:43); “…by peace shall [he] destroy many” (Dn 8:25). Surely the stage is being set for the second coming of our Lord, who will rescue Israel at Armageddon.”]



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