Incredible Charges that the Creation Museum promotes “Terrorism” and “Child Abuse”

Incredible Charges that the Creation Museum promotes “Terrorism” and “Child Abuse”


Wouldn’t you think that when an organization is accused in a major American newspaper of promoting “child abuse” and even “terrorism,” that it would be given the opportunity to have its rebuttal printed in that newspaper?

Last month, an atheist leader told our local newspaper, the Cincinnati Enquirer, that our Creation Museum promotes “child abuse” and even “terrorism.” (We commented on this here on our site.) Many letters to the editors were submitted to the Enquirer about this atheist and his local group and their efforts to erect atheist billboards in the Cincinnati area and also their public protests in front of our museum (twice now). As is typical today, most of the letters to the editor were relegated to the on-line comment section of the paper and a few made it into the print edition.

Now, we are certainly aware that a newspaper receives several letters to the editor a day, and can only print a few of them. Our protesting letter about some very serious charges, however, did not get printed.

When our publicists enquired with the Enquirer about this, the newspaper responded by saying that posting our letter online and running a supporter’s letter in the print edition was the fair way to offer balance. We strongly disagree. Our highly respected publicists (who work regularly with the world’s major media) agree with us that because our Creation Museum was attacked so maliciously in the Enquirer by the atheist leader, we should have been allotted at least 100 words in the more widely read print edition to present a rebuttal. (By the way, most of the reporters at the Enquirer who have covered the museum and Answers in Genesis over the years have done so in a fair and balanced way. Our concern here is with the paper’s editorial team and why it would not print a 100-word letter that would more publicly rebut the incredible claims of child abuse and terrorism that are allegedly being promoted at the museum.)

Here are two letters that we submitted to the Enquirer but were not used in the print edition; the first one merely ended up on the on-line edition of the Enquirer. Long-time ministry supporters in our area—who have visited the Creation Museum several times since we opened 2 ½ years ago—submitted their letter to the editor and that did get printed (see it below). But why the Creation Museum—the offended party—was not given such an opportunity is startling.

November 23

Dear Editor:

We have our critics, but the atheist quoted in Sunday’s “Enquirer” tops them all. He claimed that our Creation Museum promotes “terrorism” and “child abuse.”

When people’s arguments lack substance, they often resort to name-calling. Sadly, such verbal attacks are common today against Christianity. The same intolerant man who uttered the words above tried to stop the museum from being built, and then protested its opening (e.g., with loud rock music in front of our gates). This summer, he held a mock communion service right outside our grounds as he blasphemed the Savior.

Meanwhile, over 900,000 guests have toured the Creation Museum since we opened 2 1/2 years ago.


Mark Looy, CCO

Because the letter was not printed, we followed up with this inquiry a few days later with an email to the paper’s editors (no response as of 12/8).

November 27


On Monday, I submitted a letter to the editor to comment on the outrageous charges made by an atheist in Sunday’s “Enquirer,” that “child abuse” and “terrorism” are being promoted at our Creation Museum. Our letter was posted on-line (thank you), but it has not appeared in the more significant print edition.

Now, I am well aware that you can only print a fraction of the letters you receive and that one letter-writer came to our defense with a letter that you printed on Wednesday, but we are the aggrieved party here.

Words like “child abusers” and “terrorists” are about the cruelest labels anyone can put on a person or organization today, and yet the paper (so far) has not allowed us equal time with a letter in your print edition so that we can rebut (in only 100 words) such hurtful and inflammatory words. It could have a negative impact on museum attendance if the comments are left unchallenged (especially if Sunday’s article gets a wide circulation on blogs and websites, and thus people will get a wrong impression of this family-friendly and safe museum).

I hope you will print our letter, for our reputation means everything to us. It goes without saying that nobody likes to be labeled as terrorists or child abusers, which atheists are increasingly and carelessly lobbing at opponents like us nowadays (and who are in effect diluting the meaning of these words, when actual terrorism remains a very real worry for Americans and child abuse continues to be a blight on society).



Here is the letter from museum backers that was printed by the Enquirer:



Regarding the article “‘Sinners’ gather at atheist meeting” (Nov. 22): The speaker at an atheist group meeting remarkably declared that the Creation Museum promotes “child abuse” and “terrorism”! Our family of nine has visited many times and, on the contrary, it is a wholesome family-friendly place. This atheist group has the words “free inquiry” in its name. But here is the incredible hypocrisy: this group led an effort to stop the museum from being built!

The museum was to be constructed on private property with private donations but this intolerant group fought hard (unsuccessfully) to stop it. Why are they so afraid of a museum that presents a different view of life’s origins, prompting these supposed “free thinkers” to be censors?

—Pat Moran, Crittenden, KY


Keep up-to-date with the ongoing efforts by atheists and other humanists to combat biblical Christianity, and learn how the media report on the Creation Museum, by visiting this website regularly (including Ken Ham’s blog).


3 pensamientos en “Incredible Charges that the Creation Museum promotes “Terrorism” and “Child Abuse”

  1. De hecho, no promueve la ignorancia sino la investigación. A conocidos míos que creían la evolución y la inexistencia de Dios les pedí por favor que demostraran sus creencias y no pudieron hacerlo. Algunos investigaron por su cuenta y terminaron creyendo en Dios y que la evolución es una mentira, eso independientemente de si aceptaron en sus vidas el Cristianismo. En el libro “Evidencias que exigen un veredicto”, el autor Josh McDowell, un ex ateo, dice algo que pude comprobar: Que la mayoría de los ateos o agnósticos basan sus creencias en prejuicios y falta de información, y nos acusan de eso a nosotros, cuando la realidad es al revés. Te invito a leerlo, ya que contiene pruebas históricas y arqueológicas sobre la veracidad del Cristianismo.

    Me gusta

    • ¿Y que me dices de todos aquellos científicos que terminaron creyendo en Dios? Ellos no son ignorantes, saben de ciencia como tú dices.
      Es curioso ver que la mayoría de los que no creen en Dios deben creer que:
      –De la nada surgió todo (Hasta donde yo sé, de la nada no puede surgir “algo”)
      –De materia inorgánica surgió vida orgánica (Para ser más específicos, de un charco surgió una “súpercélula” de donde surgieron más células, cosa que nadie puede probar)
      –Del caos surgió el orden
      –De la nada surgió información dentro de las células (toda la información que existe fue escrita o creada por alguna persona)
      ¿Cuántas leyes comprobadas se han roto para creer las anteriores afirmaciones?
      Como te dije antes, el Museo tendrá su punto de vista de las cosas, pero te reta a buscar las respuestas (No te dice: “Acepta esto porque te lo decimos”).
      Como al parecer sabes de ciencia, entonces te recomiendo dos libros más: El caso del Creador, de Lee Strobel, y Las pruebas de la evolución se esfuman, de Thomas F. Heinze. Te aseguro que harán que veas las cosas desde otro ángulo. Y si desechas este consejo, información y libros como “cosa de ignorantes”, te recuerdo que la ciencia es buscar respuestas, investigar y es bueno ver otros puntos de vista. Yo lo hago.

      Me gusta

  2. Bueno, el libro de Lee Strobel (quien no es pastor, sino periodista) trata sobre opiniones de científicos expertos en sus áreas.
    No voy a misa, ya que no soy católico, soy evangélico (aunque me imagino que quisiste decir “servicio religioso”). Y si he ido al hospital, eso no se pelea con mi fe. He sido sanado sobrenaturalmente (de una fractura en mi brazo instantáneamente) y también he sido tratado con médicos. En la Biblia leemos en que hay veces que debemos ir al médico y en otras Dios nos sana al instante. Creo que existen los milagros porque los he visto y de personas que conozco (Incluso la desaparición de cáncer).
    Yo leo de todo un poco, y lo que he leído y personas (de distintas creencias y estudios) me han reconocido que del Big Bang y la evolución no pueden ser posible (por algo nadie ha dicho: “Esta es la prueba difinitiva”).
    Hay cosas que la ciencia no puede ni podrá explicar. No sólo somos átomos, tenemos espíritu y alma.
    Fíjate en las cosas que dices: Prácticamente estás diciendo que me dejas en la ignorancia porque presupones que no voy a leer los libros. Yo, por el contrario, te di los títulos, independientemente si creía que los leerías o no. Estás siendo prejuicioso. No seas así, porque la mayoría de los blogueros ateos hacen burlas y descalificaciones a los que no están de acuerdo con ellos. Eso no los ayuda para nada a demostrar su punto de vista, al contrario.
    Amigo, es muy triste (en serio) ver que en tus palabras hay mucho rencor. Me imagino que en el pasado algún o algunos religiosos te hicieron algún daño (No todo lo que se dice “cristiano” es en realidad cristiano).
    Cualquiera que sea el caso, estoy seguro que no eres feliz, y esto no es un prejuicio porque una persona feliz actuaría de otra manera.
    Busca a Dios, amigo. Créeme que los que hacen esa prueba (buscarlo), lo terminan hallando.

    Me gusta


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