Court: Conscientious pharmacists must sell ‘Plan B’ [Excerpts]

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against pharmacists exercising their conscience.

The lawsuit was filed to block the state of Washington from enforcing a law requiring pharmacists to dispense medication in violation of their religious beliefs. That is especially related to Plan B, otherwise known as the “morning-after” pill — which some medical professionals believe induces abortion. Brad Dacus heads the Pacific Justice Institute.
“This is a clear affront and a violation of the fundamental religious convictions of the owners of pharmacies,” he contends. “No pharmacist owner should ever have to choose between saving a human life and keeping their shop and business.”
Many consider the Ninth Circuit to be the most liberal court in the U.S.

“This radical decision by the Ninth Circuit gives the green light to liberal state legislators and regulators to be able to clamp down on medical and other professionals with sincere religious convictions against supporting abortions,” Dacus adds.

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